What is a Vixen Sew-In Weave?

The Vixen sew-in weave is a 4-way weaving technique that allows you to wear the sew-in in a variety of styles. This weaving technique is possible because the hair is parted into 4 sections and can be worn in a ponytail.

Vixen Sew-in

The Vixen sew-in technique is ideal for those who are looking for versatility from their sew-in. It makes a sew-in alot more fun and enjoyable.


How To Do a Vixen Sew-In Weave?

This is the diagram that is usually used to achieve the 4-way Vixen Sew-In weave.


The video below courtesy of HairAddictsbyRachel, shows you step-by-step how to do a vixen sew-in weave!



How to Maintance Vixen Sew-In Weave

The vixen sew-in weave technique leaves out more of the natural hair than the traditional sew in which means that it is less protective. To maintain this style: regular moisturizing, conditioning, and protecting is imparative.

To avoid the constant usage of heat try a weaving hair texture that is closer to your natural hair texture. Always do a deep treatment follow by a heat protectant prior to using heat.


Are Bleached Brows Becoming a Trend?

Katy Perry isn’t afraid to take a risk! We thought she was daring when she dyed her hair green, but that was just the beginning!
Congressional Candidate Marianne Williamson Press Event

We are almost at a loss for words when it comes to the almost alien inspired image Katy Perry postted on her Instagram on June 18. There’s just so much going on —two topknots with braids and gelled in the front (slicked baby hairs), long lashes, bleached out brows, and long metallic nails, we don’t know where to look! Perhaps this kooky pop star has taken her song E.T. too far…Because this selfie is extra-terrestrially out of this world!

Though the barids of her double top knots are thick and full, she may have some green hair extensions weaved in there as she has pretty short hair right now!The rest of her hair is super slick, and the baby hairs in the front of her hairline are curled and pinned down to her head. In addition, her eyebrows were bleached blonde, probably by applying a very light powder over them.


Though the barids of her double top knots are thick and full, she may have some green hair extensions weaved in there as she has pretty short hair right now!The rest of her hair is super slick, and the baby hairs in the front of her hairline are curled and pinned down to her head. In addition, her eyebrows were bleached blonde, probably by applying a very light powder over them.

However, Katy Perry is not the only risk taker to bleach brows.In Novemeber 2013, Miley Cyrus, who usually takes risks of her performances and her outfits, also shocked us when she rocked bleached brows for a high-fashion shoot.


And in February 2014,Kendall Jenner showed a similar daring look when walking down the runway for Marc Jacobs during the New York Fashion Week. Her eyebrows were bleached too!


Their hilarious and futuristic look will definitely have you giving them a second glance, but we just hope the bleached eyebrows are not a trend of this year!And do you think it’s cool or crazy, my SaleHairExtension fans? Comment your thought below!

The Truth about Hair Extensions!

A lot of you have been asking about the hair extensions that I use. I absolutely LOVE SaleHairExtension products. I am completely OBSESSED with the way they style, and I love their pretty fine quality, as well as the gloss, volume, length, etc.
We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly, but when it comes to hair extensions, what’s the truth?The senior stylist Alex Mack from SaleHairExtension is here to give us the inside scoop on how to get the best out of hair extensions.

good bad ugly hair extensions

The Myth

We’ve all heard the nightmare stories…

  • Hair extensions are bad for your hair
  • Hair extensions cause hair to thin
  • Hair extensions cause bald patches

Sound familiar? Just some of the lingering accusations that fall in the shadow of the controversy surrounding hair extensions.But is this really the case or is it simply down to not being educated about what are good and bad hair extensions?

Combine that with a bad stylist and the wrong type of maintenance and you have yourself a hair disaster in the making and a bad rep!
Britney-spears-hair-disasterAt one point, Britney Spears made more headlines for her bad extensions rather than her music

Paris Hilton. For her having been promoting a company that makes hair extensions, she has gotten some of the worst ones out there! Ugh, I would want my money back if I were that company!

The Truth

The truth of the matter is that when done correctly hair extensions are the quick and easy way to transform your hair and colour into your dream style. But…and here is the big BUT

Hair extensions are only good WHEN:

  • You have chosen to research what type of hair extensions you are getting
  • The hair extensions are made from good quality hair
  • The service is carried out by a competent, skilled and professional stylist, not by a ‘cowboy’ hairdresser. And be warned, there are many out there only too willing to take your money!
Elle MacPhearsonVictoria Beckham
Elle Mc. Phearson with extensions and au natural (LEFT);  Victoria Beckham is renowned for her changing hairstyles and it’s all thanks to her   fabulous hair extensions (RIGHT)!
Olivia PalermoOlivia Palermo’s luscious lengths are a definite headturner!
120801_PS_LC_AugSeptLauren Conrad is a definite hair crush!

The fact is that when done correctly hair extensions should not cause any damage to the growth and condition of your own natural hair. If they have, then you have had either bad quality hair extensions, had them put in incorrectly or didn’t manage them with the tender loving care they need.

The Noteworthy and Hilarious Hairstyles at World Cup 2014

With the FIFA World Cup 2014 going on, you are now probably discussing the tactics or best players with your friends, but from right now, let’s just move a bit away and talk about the iconic hairstyles at World Cup 2014.


1.     Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal

 Cristiano Ronaldo is the most talked about footballer in the world having just led his club to a historic 10th European Cup. Ronaldo loves the good life, cares about his clothes and definitely his hair but not more than his football. He currently sports a gelled faux hawk look which doesn’t get dishevelled even when he is tearing down defences or being tackled by defenders.  In fact, even FIFA president Sepp Blatter once commented that Ronaldo probably spends more at the hairdresser’s than his rival Messi. He was once found to change his hairstyle at half time!


2.     Didier Drogba of Africa

He might be one of the most talented centre-forwards to ever grace them, but off it the Ivorian rocks an unwavering look that hasn’t changed in years. The retro perm however hasn’t diminished his popularity as a sex symbol around the world.


3.     Kyle Beckerman of the United States

When you see the US midfielder, his trademark dreadlocks make you believe that he will pull out a guitar, a joint and start belting some Bob Marley on the field. The player however blames good ol’ fashioned laziness for his looks, claiming he stopped growing the hair after he moved out his mum’s place.


4. Stephan El Shaarawy of Italy

 The Italian forward – perhaps inspired by compatriot and club mate Mario Balotelli – also sports a Mohawk, only his is high enough to touch the ceiling. The AC Milan forward’s look confirms the popularity that the Mohawk has with the current footballers.

Stephan El Shaarawy of Italy

5.     Marouane Fellaini of Belgium

The six-foot-four midfielder adds another six inches when you factor his poofy afro onto the measurement. And no, he doesn’t do anything special to get it that big. ““I wash it sometimes,” he told “But that’s it.”


 6.     David Luiz of Brazil

A lookalike of The Simpsons character Sideshow Bob, Brazilian defender David Luiz is synonymous with his wild curly hairstyle. In fact, a recent photo showing a bald David Luiz was the talk of the town before it turned out that it was just a hoax planned by a Brazilian satirical website.


 7.     Asamoah Gyan of Ghana

Dyeing your jersey number in your hair, as the flashy-scoring Gyan did at the Africa Cup last year, gets our seal of approval. He brought the big ‘3’ out in a tune up against South Korea on Monday, so expect to see it in play against the U.S. in the World Cup’s group stage.

Asamoah Gyan of Ghana

8. Bacary Sagna of France

Sagna will be running the right back position for Les Bleus with his patented black-and-yellow braids in tow. The Frenchman says the peculiar hair was a result of a bet with his father in his younger days, and he has kept them as his trademark ever since.

Bacary Sagna of France

Perm Wave vs Cold Wave

What is Permanet Wave?

A permanent wave, commonly called a perm or “permanent”, involves the use of chemicals to break and reform the bonds of the hair. The hair is washed and wrapped on a perm rod and waving lotion is applied with a base. This solution creates a chemical reaction that softens the inner structure of the hair by breaking some of the cross links within and between the protein chains of the hair. The hair swells, stretches and softens, then molds around the shape of the perm rod.

In addition, the term is often used for the process of chemical hair straightening, or relaxing (a process first developed by Renaud Whittington). This process makes use of the same chemical reactions as that of the permanent wave, but the hair is combed straight rather than wrapped around perm rods.


What is Cold Wave?

Cold wave, invented in 1938 by Arnold F. Willatt, the precursor to the modern perm. It used no machines or heat. The hair was wrapped on rods and a reduction lotion containing ammonium thioglycolate was applied.

This chemical breaks open the disulfide linkages between the polypeptide bonds in the keratin; the protein structure in the hair. The disulfide bonds give hair its elasticity, and can be reformed with chemicals. Next, an oxidation lotion—hydrogen peroxide—was applied to close the disulfide bridges again, and the hair was reformed to the shape of the rod. The entire process took 6–8 hours at room temperature.

In the 1970s, acid perms were invented. These use glyceryl monothioglycolate instead and contain no ammonia. They are sometimes called buffered waves. This perm is slower but gentler to the hair. Heat is usually added by placing the client under a dryer, after covering the wrapped head with a plastic cap. The reaction is endothermic and the additional heat causes the pH to rise from 6.9 to 7.2.

Perms today use this method with sodium thioglycolate instead of ammonium thioglycolate, at a pH of 8 to 9.5. This method takes only 15–30 minutes until the neutralizer is applied to bring down the pH and re-bond the hair.

The permanent relaxer straightens the hair instead of curling it. The same chemical methods can be used for this, but the hair is not wrapped around rods.

Screen shot 2013-05-15 at PM 11.02.49

Other Modern Perm

Other types of modern perms include exothermic perms, which are self timing and self heating; and neutral, or low pH, thioglycolate free perms.

Digital perms were introduced in the 21st century and in use especially in modern Asian cultures. The process was patented and invented by a Japanese company, Paimore Ltd


Safety Considerations

Due to the harsh nature of the chemicals, it is important that contact with the skin be minimized. Modern chemicals are less irritating, but measures should still be taken to reduce contact with anything other than hair.

A poorly performed permanent wave will result in breakage of the disulfide bonds through chemical reduction, because it fails to fix the newly formed bonds. This results in hair that is no longer elastic and flexible, but brittle and fragile. At this point, even combing the hair will result in hair loss. The hair shafts will experience fracture where they exit the scalp. Because the bulb of hair has not been removed, though, the hair follicle is not damaged and the hair will regrow; however, the temporary hair loss may be distressing.

Kate Middleton’s Hair Evolution

We already know Kate Middleton has the perfect life, the perfect nose, and the perfect baby bump. Well, when it comes to hair envy, Kate Middleton is pretty much at the top of our list. Whether it’s down in loose waves or up in a oh-so-normal ponytail, it just always looks so good.

Here are some photos showed Kate’s Hair Change~
What do you think of Kate’s Hair Change? Sound off below!

未命名_meitu_0May 2012_meitu_3_meitu_1

March 2002 & June 2006_meitu_2

She Is Bouncing Back!

It was rumoured that Jennifer Lopez, the 44-year-old US singer, will not to be making an appearance today at the Opening Ceremony of FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil, but by the looks of her energetic performance, there was nothing that could have kept her away from the stage.


Jennifer Lopez looks much younger than her age in a sparkling leotard when she showed off her incredible and unblievable figure, as well as her volumious and long hair. And we know you can achieve the same result  as below by simply taking our Strawberry Blonde (#27) Wave Clip In Human Hair Extensions, only $58.99!!


J-Lo sang the official FIFA song We Are One (Ole Ola) alongside rapper Pitbull and singer Claudia Leitte. The trio put on a spirited show as they jumped up and down on stage, swaying their arms and encouraging the screaming crowds to join in.

FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony, Arena de Sao Paulo, Brazil - 12 Jun 2014

Number 1 fans: Jennifer, Pitbull and Claudia finish their performance in style as the crowd went wild at the opening ceremony


The three amigos! Claudia, Jennifer and Pitbull put on a show of co-coordinating dance moves performing to the beat

We surely love J-Lo in this VERY plunging neckline, but we also love her gorgeous hair!

Don’t miss such a good opportunity to check out her hairstyle change!